Our Aircraft

Here at Liverpool Flying School we take great pride in our aircraft. Our matching liveried fleet are cleaned and polished on a very regular basis and are always hangared in our sister company Keenair’s 17,500 sq ft hangar. Being the only flying school at Liverpool Airport to keep our aircraft in a hangar not only keeps them looking their best but also ensures that they are protected from the elements. 

During the day, you will find our aircraft parked neatly on our own, dedicated apron. This ensures that our aircraft are easily accessible and never more than a 30 second walk away from our clubhouse. 

Our aircraft are also maintained by our sister company Keenair. The in-house maintenance means that there is minimal downtime on our fleet and any issues/defects can be rectified quickly, maximising the time our aircraft are available for use. 

At Liverpool, We currently operate several of the following aircraft

Piper Pa38 Tomahawk

This PA38 2-seater aircraft is one of the most popular civilian training aircraft in the world. Powered by a proven 112hp Textron Lycoming engine, the Tomahawk cruises at 90 Knots (103 mph). It has a maximum endurance of 5 hours on full tanks and has full dual controls.

Piper Pa28 Warrior

This PA28 4-seater aircraft is an ideal touring aeroplane. The 160 hp engine allows a cruise speed of 100 kts and a safe endurance of approximately 5 hours. The Warrior has full dual controls and is an ideal step up from the Tomahawk for new PPLs

View more pictures of our fleet below