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The thing to remember about doctrine is that it’s layered. We have capstone manuals and then we work down, all the way down through a series of levels to the appropriate arm. How does armoured reconnaissance conduct its mission set?

After an initial analysis, observations are prioritized based on their relevance and importance. Those designated as key lessons identified—that is, those that relate to an urgent operational problem, require acquisition of new equipment, or involve a significant re-evaluation of existing doctrine—are moved forward for detailed analysis. We’re going to continue with our study of the readiness of the Canadian armed forces. Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear.

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We’re well schooled in what Canadian moral and ethical standards are. If we’re going into operations, we make sure our soldiers adhere to those. I haven’t found the ethical challenges in that sense. And for our Canadian soldiers, to be clear, we represent Canadian values, so we take that forward. And that’s an expectation that I think all Canadians share, that we represent those values overseas.

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We could not have done that mission without them. Where the regular and reserve components of the army were seven to ten years ago and where they’re at today, it’s phenomenal. General, many operations involve more than one environment of the CF, and as such there’s obviously a need for cooperation among the army, navy, and air force. When we talk about the road to high readiness, it’s not a case of everybody in the army doing the same thing every day. We are challenged by our geography in Canada and by the diverse nature of our organization, so we have different elements in the Canadian Forces doing different components of that training paradigm on a daily basis. A mission goal is an effect that you want to achieve on the ground, and that’s a task that’s assigned through by the Government of Canada through CEFCOM to the forces that are going out the door.

NATO has a complex system of doctrine that governs joint operations, and so NATO itself has a joint operations publication that we all use to inform ourselves. Regulated Health Professional’s profession must be one of the regulated health professions listed in the form or named as ‘other’. Regulated Health Professional profession must be one of the regulated health professions listed on the form or named as ‘other’. Concerning any other document to which this Rollout Guideline applies must be provided to the CPA within five business days after the document has been processed by the Participating Insurer. Concerning the processing of an invoice must be provided to the CPA within five business days after the invoice has been processed by the Participating Insurer. Further provides (s. 68 (3.2)) that a document to which this Rollout Guideline applies is deemed not to have been delivered to an insurer unless it is delivered as required by this Rollout Guideline.

To achieve my rank, we effectively spend about four years in professional military education, that is, courses and development. We like to pride ourselves that we have a continuous learning environment. As members of one of the four classical professions, we have a responsibility within that subset to improve ourselves, our knowledge, on a daily basis.

Many analysts believe that we should take advantage of the post-Afghanistan period to start a complete overhaul of the Canadian Forces. Perhaps there’s a more specific piece you’d like me to answer. Of course, I have the 8 Wing in my riding. We have purchased the tactical and strategic lift aircraft. A lot of people think it is pretty expensive hardware, using their hard-earned tax dollars to go to foreign places and do things.

We’re working that through, recruiting and qualifying the individuals and getting them into the army. The issues of time and space are very different when you’re going into near-peer situations. An enemy has a stand-off capability and you need to be thinking beyond only the immediate environment, but about what is out there behind the next hill. And that’s the piece they’re trying to work through. When we were at Wainwright, one thing that stood out for me in one of the presentations that was made, I think, by Colonel Thomas, was the whole paradigm shift in how you train. Now you’re looking at being able to deal with a near peer in battle readiness, rather than dealing with insurgencies, which we’ve been concentrating on for the last five or ten years.

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So we identify that, we give them the resources they need to accomplish the mission, but we let them figure out how to do it. The other challenge to the training system is to sustain the adaptive culture that has served us well over the last few years. We need to continue to incorporate lessons learned into our training in a rapid and efficient way. But we also need to exploit emerging technology, particularly within the realm of simulation, to make our training not just more efficient but also more effective. Finally, there are two longer-term training challenges that I would like to highlight. Having gone through a very intense period of activity, we are entering a stretch of time when there is no immediate prospect of another major operation.

They would then be posted to their battalion. They immediately embark on another series of qualifications on platoon level weapons, and things that they would be expected to use. It would almost be impossible for a Canadian soldier to be recruited and end up overseas in an operation inside one year. A Canadian soldier goes through recruiting through Saint-Jean, and a basic military qualification can take two to three months.

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  • We also have an army staff college in Kingston.
  • /198) to which the attachment relates, to enable the insurer to identify the document for which the attachment is intended.
  • To perhaps bring that back home, as I mentioned in my opening remarks, they come from an accepted body of knowledge within the profession.
  • So we have some military personnel analysis for that.
  • Providers and facilities may elect to enroll for either paper submission or electronic submission, but not both at the same time.
  • I’d like you to talk a little bit about the training there, because it’s not the traditional military mission of protect, repel, and then neutralize, but about humanitarian efforts.

We don’t, so we have to be more generalist in nature. We have a smaller base and we ask our people to do more. We train subordinates, for example, to be able to step up at a moment’s notice to take the responsibility of the boss. That provides us with that institutional flexibility. Where our capability and our preparedness allow us to react, we can then turn to the units that are at a high level of readiness and used to working together, and we can react on short notice. So as you move across the army and you look at all the various brigades, not everybody is training at the same high level on a daily basis.

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To perhaps bring that back home, as I mentioned in my opening remarks, they come from an accepted body of knowledge within the profession. We look at our history and what our experiences https://cryptolisting.org/ have been. In many senses, how we conduct operations is a direct result of our Canadian value set. All of that is used by the profession to determine our doctrine, our problem set.

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We use those people to simulate those roles. We still play the whole-of-government team within the context of the exercise, but we don’t have the full representation of other government departments. We’re trying to introduce more and more simulation, and more and more technology into training. But we still want to make sure that it’s cmtc coin grounded. So every day we try to make sure that the balance between education and individual training is within the experience set. As an example, a number of years ago the Granatstein report highlighted that the officer corps didn’t have degrees and needed more formal education, which would be beneficial to the officer corps.

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The document itself must still be delivered to the CPA as described above. Payment of the invoice is claimed against a Participating Insurer with respect to a transaction with a Participating Provider. Each specified branch office of an identified facility, and each provider operating in a specified branch office of an identified facility, is a Participating Provider. 2 (1.1) to and 2 (1.2) to , whether such services are rendered before or after such determination is made. The above captioned civil asset forfeiture proceeding commenced under the Remedies for Organized Crime and Other Unlawful Activities Act has resulted in the sum of $523.11 being deposited into a special purpose account. You may not be eligible for compensation if you took part in the unlawful activity giving rise to the forfeiture proceeding.

That a certificate of dissolution under the Business Corporations Act, has been endorsed. The effective date of dissolution precedes the corporation listings. The Director has been notified by the Minister of Finance that the following corporations are in default in complying with the Corporations Tax Act. I was reminded of this when we were down on a mission to help train some of the nations of the Caribbean island chains. I was approached by one of their officers who said they admired Canadians because we spoke to them in the right way.

There’s an irony in regard to Newfoundland, where I was once planning an exercise for the soldiers at the very time the unit was deployed out of Gagetown and linked up with the reservists. At the time, I was planning an exercise for them that was very similar to the deployment. The fact that I told them to go, they knew that they were going to get something coming down the road.

For example, for officers joining a joint headquarters, ISAF has two major headquarters. One has overall campaign responsibility, and there is a joint command headquarters that really looks at running the operation. I may be a little dated right now, but is that CATS, the common army training scenario.

But I would say that recruiting is an ongoing issue. It’s one of those issues that, from time to time in the past, we have done well at, and then we backed off. We’d made some assumptions, and then we found ourselves realizing that we needed to put more resources into recruiting. Across the board in the Canadian Forces, and for the army in particular, we need to apply constant effort to recruiting. Soldiers need to train in offensive and defensive operations.

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You saw medics on Tuesday that performed well, particularly at the hospital. They work with us, but they’re not actually in the army chain of command. I am completely unaware of their recruiting issues. Recruiting comes under the Chief Military Personnel and the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group. That’s what we talk about when we talk about full spectrum operations. He would, in theory, have sufficient forces to deal with the problem, but if he doesn’t solve it the right way, he’s going to learn some hard lessons.

We’re at a stage in the army now that is truly something to be proud of, in the sense of the debates that occurred in the nineties are a thing long past. In fact, if you were to hear somebody talk in a way…we would invite them to leave, because we are so far down the track. We know that if we’re going to go to the door, in any environment you pick, we’re going to work with other government departments. From an overall standpoint, the manning level of the army at the moment is pretty good, but that’s because we’re doing really well in some occupations and less well in others. We’re trying to balance that on a consistent basis, but that’s always a challenge. We have problems with vehicle technicians.

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