PayBito Experiences A Surge In US Customer Interest for Its White-Label Crypto Broker Platform

It’s important if you want to scale up your business and grow your global presence. White-label payment gateway providers lease their technology directly to merchants, payment providers, or resellers. Typically, there are two main integration types – HPP and API and a variety of payment methods. A white-label payment gateway is a payment solution that allows companies across business niches to offer payment processing under their name while the real processing is performed by a third party. Let’s say, for example, that you operate your own ecommerce website builder. With a traditional payment gateway, you can accept payments online for everyone who uses your platform to build and host their business website.

definition of a White-label payment platform

Adding new features and opportunities for your clients will help you in building a relationship with them and attract the new ones/ scale the target audience. Some markets are crazy competitive and you need to make a loud statement about your company right away. A high-quality WL solution can help you to stand out on the initial stage and make it fast.

Alongside the fraud and chargeback protection, PaySpace offers a chargeback management tool so if ever the “friendly” chargeback happens, it will be closed in client’s favor. Every white-label payment gateway solution has its pros and cons. The payment gateway has complete access to customer’s personal information. Such an opportunity brings plenty of advantages and ways to grow one’s business without spending more resources developing the payment gateway from scratch.

Developing a new custom solution takes a lot of energy and time, especially if you have no experience in it. Branded detailed documentation and full API references are available for your merchants to help them explore the platform’s capabilities and the features of the back office. All data we process is securely stored on our servers, located in carefully watched over and protected data centers. Our customisable Checkout and smart transaction processing have proven their efficiency in driving the conversion rates. Then a supplier sells their product to a reseller which is another company or an individual. They are welcome to customise it as per their needs, place the logo and adjust it to the branding.

What Is a White Label Payment Gateway?

That makes its clients’ businesses fully protected from scammers and fraudsters. Clients of this provider will get built-in fraud and chargeback prevention software. The pricing starts at 1.2% and varies based on the industry and other factors. One of the advantages of choosing this company is the possibility to use HPP integration, if your business is small or medium, or an API integration if you’ve got high transaction volumes.

definition of a White-label payment platform

Let us take an online shop with the bulk of sales in the EU and the USA. This shop is connected simultaneously to two acquiring banks through the payment service provider leasing the processing platform beGateway. The time when payment service providers offered only payment capabilities has passed.

PayBito Experiences A Surge In US Customer Interest for Its White-Label Crypto Broker Platform

EveryMatrix currently holds licences in Malta, the UK, Denmark, Ireland, Romania and Curacao. The main advantage of this approach is that the user will get to do things their own way – choose the game suppliers, operating licenses, banking solutions and the rest. White labeling is the practice of rebranding a product or service under the name of another firm.

  • The pricing starts at 1.2% and varies based on the industry and other factors.
  • A white label payment gateway is a payment gateway system that lets a business owner or a brand to process payments using their official name while using third-party services.
  • Easy set-up, minimal operator infrastructure required and fast.
  • However, before realizing your eCommerce ambitions, you must first overcome a significant challenge.
  • Having a branded payment gateway is one approach to improve your brand’s visibility and exposure.
  • FSB Tech White Label package includes a powerful sportsbook and hundreds of casino games, user-friendly player registration platform, and comprehensive CRM and reporting tools.

It’s a place where your merchants can manage their transactions, monitor activity, view balances, etc. The pros of the white label software vastly outweigh the cons. Still, it would be best if you considered the drawbacks to make an informed decision. The highest level of compliance that proves we grant the security of card data. Run your own scalable and competitive payment business saving up to 70% in development and operational costs. This post aims to explain everything you need to know about white labelling, so pour yourself a cup of coffee, and we can start.

Payment System

If you like how a particular payment gateway operates but you believe you can market it more effectively, you can build your own website and promote the gateway under your own name and branding. The white label provider will still earn the bulk of the profit, but you’ll gain a small commission for something you technically had no part in building. Nektan partners are able to access high-quality games produced by NetEnt, Microgaming, SG, Yggdrasil and Evolution Gaming, plus a number of other reputable suppliers.

With Akurateco, this feature will also help you keep track of decline reasons, translate them into user-friendly terms, and analyze them with a cutting-edge built-in analytics engine. You can predefine the rules for transaction routing based on the transaction’s IP, BIN, currency, payment amount, etc. On top of that, one can also predefine routing through certain payment methods for certain regions. A white-label payment system is a fully brandable payment software.

ProgressPlay was established in 2012 with a vision to provide both casino content and white label platforms which can be tailored to fit the customers’ needs. Integrating banks, processors, online payment portals, and payment service providers to offer a competitive selection of payment methods, currencies, and tools to customers. There is no doubt that white label payment gateways bring plenty of features to all sorts of businesses.

Conforms to industry standards

Don’t waste time and resources trying to develop something that industry experts have already done and are offering to you at a reasonable rate. Relying on a ready-made payment platform empowers you to switch focus from poking around the technical issues to handling business operations and building strong relationships with your clients. Experienced solution providers with proven hands-on experience in paytech have vast expertise in fraud and chargeback prevention measures.

definition of a White-label payment platform

The company’s range also features a B2B global casino platform with promotional tools called E-Lite, used for distributing gaming content to operators across the globe. Bitcoin Casino solution incorporates a selection of Bitcoin games, secure cryptocurrency payment processing, and effective anti-fraud protection. When you employ a white label payment gateway, your customers get more loyal and trusting of your services.

Expand to New Markets

Other sources call this “payment gateway branding” since companies get to use their branding on a payment gateway powered by a third-party technology vendor. By using the gateway as your own, you’re putting your name and reputation at stake. If your business functions as a Value Added Reseller , Independent Software Vendor , Independent Sales Organisation , or other type of reseller, a white label solution might be right for you. SpringBuilder, a drag and drop gaming website builder, is one of the latest additions to the company’s range. The list of partners includes well-known brands such as LVbet, Royal Panda, Betsson and Interwetten.

What is a white label payment gateway?

In most cases, an email with a short explanation of the basic requirements should be enough. Like many things in life there are services providers who offer a range of options delineated by price and function and features. You may or may not have noticed that plenty of new online casinos operate What is White Label Payment Gateway with a white label solution. Apart from the two obvious reasons – efficiency and lower operating costs – the service also involves customisation, and the consumer can collaborate with the provider every step of the way. The same principle works equally well in the online gaming world.

If your customers would benefit from receiving payment processing capabilities as part of your service, a white label gateway might be for you. FSB Tech provides “everything you need to run an omni-channel betting and gaming business in a single, scalable platform”. The company was founded in 2007 by a group of sports betting veterans, creating the first single-wallet integration on the market.

How Working with That! Company is Different

SoftSwiss was launched in 2008 as a small start-up looking to develop online auction software. In 2012, the company began working on online casino software and now boasts the title of “the world’s leading company in the Bitcoin gaming software market”. But even though the primary task of a software company is to develop casino games, some are also equipped to build the integration platforms.

One of its main functions is to facilitate a diverse transaction flow from different payment channels. Participants can leverage unlimited growth opportunities from digital assets- a segment where competition, though currently low, is bound to rise. We have been developing White Label Payment Platform and maintenance services for Payment Service Providers and Acquiring banks for more than 16 years. The interchange fee is incorporated in the acquiring bank commission to be paid by the Internet-seller . The value of the interchange fee is established by the payment system (VISA, MasterCard, etc.), both the issuing and the acquiring bank being members of the same system. The payment system determines the tariffs for Internet acquiring for sellers and for payment aggregators.

With customers becoming more and more demanding, the software shapes up to meet the needs and, often, exceed the expectations of the end customer. Therefore, white-label payment software often has an extensive list of features helping to create a smooth and uninterrupted payment flow. Intraregional transaction, i.e. the issuer and the acquiring bank are located in different countries, but within the same geographical area established by the payment system. In this case, the interchange fee varies on average from 0.6% of the payment amount to 1% and more. Perhaps this figure may not look very impressive, but the law of large numbers changes the first impression.

White Label – Fully managed, everything from games, banking, licences, support, design, hosting, etc., can be done for you. You provide designs and logos and select some features / options. Easy set-up, minimal operator infrastructure required and fast. When we have our first few clients together, you will need to go through the process and understand what the customer experiences. However, after two or three months of developing a relationship with you, we plan to take over the reins so you can focus on your core business and new business generation.

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