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Conveniently located at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, with 58 successful years providing flight training and flying gifts for thousands of customers, we are the longest established flying school at Liverpool.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of flying or to learn to fly for leisure, treat a friend to a unique and memorable gift or if your aim is to progress to a career in aviation, our team of highly trained, professional, friendly instructors are passionate about flying.

During the last 58 years our flying school has operated over 40 training aircraft and taught thousands of pilots to fly, some of whom are now flying commercial airlines. Some have gone on to instruct themselves and some fly for business purposes or purely for pleasure.

We own a fleet of aircraft, maintained and hangared by our sister company Keenair Ltd and suited to your various needs.

Already have your licence? We also offer aircraft for hire.

If your interested – we are ready to help you take to the skies!

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Our History

Our History

For 50 years the aircraft and activities of Liverpool Flying School, and the company owners Jim and later Martin, Kath and Janet Keen have provided a great deal of interest for the enthusiast.
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What We Offer

What We Offer

Liverpool Flying School can offer training to achieve the Private Pilots Licence, Light Aircraft Pilots Licence, Instrument Rating (Restricted) Rating & Night Rating. ​​
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Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

During the last 50 years Liverpool Flying School has owned over 40 training aircraft, designed to suit the needs of our membership of 250 pilots and trainees. We currently operate 7 aircraft.
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Flying Gifts

Flying Gifts

Liverpool Flying School offers various vouchers for trial flights which can be bought as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions or as corporate incentives for employees.
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‘A tribute to Jimmy Taylor’

For our latest Tomahawk renovation, we decided to dedicate G-LFSA to Jimmy Taylor, a WWII Spitfire Pilot.

Our sister company Keenair re-painted the airframe into this stunning Photo-Recognisance Blue and updated the interior trim. Find out more about Jimmy and his life below…

He navigated his way, alone and unarmed under constant observation by enemy radar, to his distant targets in Occupied Europe and Germany, often in difficult weather conditions, and returned safely with the films containing information of vital importance to the photo-interpreters at RAF Medmenham and to the Allied commanders.

During his many sorties he was chased by a then-unknown German jet and was the first Allied pilot to witness the launch of a V2 rocket. His final sortie was on 19th November 1944 when Spitfire XI (MB) 957 of 16 Squadron suffered engine failure forcing him to parachute into a part of eastern Holland and led to his eventual capture.

Jimmy Taylor always loved flying and seized every opportunity to take a plane into the air, including as an instructor. He was the first to agree that he had a privileged upbringing, but any feeling of superiority was soon erased during his training with fellow-aircrew cadets in the RAF in Britain and America in 1941 – 42.

Being very self-contained as a young boy and the ‘loner’ elements in his nature attracted him to Photographic Reconnaissance and made him suitable for the particular demands it made on the pilots.

His dreams were fulfilled when joined 16 Squadron and flew the superb blue Spitfire XI, fitted with cameras rather than guns and capable of outstanding performance.

After the war he enjoyed a career travelling the world as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. On his retirement, he returned to flying for another fifteen years – in gliders.

In May 2011 he featured in the excellent BBC2 drama-documentary ‘Operation Crossbow’, which showed how PR and the PIs enabled the RAF to locate and attack the launch-sites of the V1s and V2s in 1944 – 45.

Liverpool Flying School are proud to have flown Jimmy to several WW2 veteran reunions organised by Project Propeller and on various other excursions, including a flight to Caernarfon in October 2016 which sadly turned out to be his final flight.

Night Ratings

Take advantage of the longer nights and get a night rating this year with LFS!

This rating allows flight at night and many pilots add this to their licence as insurance in case a delay causes them to be flying after sunset. It is also a fascinating experience to be in a light aircraft at night.

Our night qualification includes a minimum of 5 hours flying, 3 hours dual, 1 hour dual night navigation, 5 take-offs and 5 full-stop landings (solo) plus 3 hours ground school with an instructor.

LFS can also offer a lot more than just a night rating. Visit out What We Offer page to find out more.

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Coronavirus Update

LFS is excited to announce that from Monday 12th April 2021 we will be re-commencing our operations. Our office will be reopen to take bookings. To book your flight please call us on 0151 448 9808. We're looking forward to taking to the skies again!