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"A thoroughly professional organisation"Iain Clarke

Iain Clarke

Ian's flying experience started around 8 years ago when he was bought a balloon ride as a gift and decided to exchange it for a flying lesson.

Ian did some preliminary research and discovered that Liverpool Flying School offered trial lessons so decided to give it a go. He hasn't looked back. Having successfully achieved his first goal to fly solo, Ian's next ambition is to obtain his Private Pilot's Licence (PPL).

Iain comments:

Liverpool Flying School is a thoroughly professional organisation providing a high standard throughout. Martin and the instructors are extremely competent and yet friendly too. I would recommend that anyone wanting to learn to fly chooses Liverpool Flying School.

Iain Clarke

"The safety-first mindset LFS adopts is excellent grounding for any trainee pilot"Oliver Hall

Oliver Hall

Oliver trained at Liverpool Flying School, and went on to pursue his career ambitions. He is now a fully qualified first officer for EasyJet, but keeps in contact with the club where he learned to fly.

He comments:

I chose Liverpool Flying School for my PPL training for a number of reasons, primarily as they were the longest serving flying school at Liverpool, and have never looked back.

I always had intentions of becoming an Airline Pilot, and believe the experience I sought from LFS made this transition easier. Not only do you get the experience from operating from a commercial airfield, but the safety-first mindset LFS adopts is excellent grounding for any trainee pilot

Oliver Hall

"Flying at LFS feels like flying with friends"Paul Henty

Paul Henty

Liverpool Flying School allows Paul Henty to combine his passion for flying with the other love of his life, golf.

It all started when one of Paul's friends bought him a trial flight as a gift. He had been expressing his ambition to learn to fly for a while having spent far too much time waiting around in airports.

Paul has now been learning to fly at Liverpool Flying School for around two years and is currently working towards his PPL, which he aims to obtain later this year.

Paul comments:

Flying at Liverpool Flying School feels like flying with friends. The instructors manage to combine a huge amount of knowledge and experience with a real welcoming and friendly approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any other budding pilots.

Later this month Paul is flying up to Edinburgh in the Flying School's Piper Arrow to catch the UK Golf Open and also recently flew with friends to play in Cambeltown. Thanks to glorious weather on the return trip, Paul was able to fly at low level over most of the lakes in the Lake District, "a trip we will remember all our lives" he comments.

"The quality of instruction provided is second to none"Simon Rayner

Simon Rayner

Simon's interest in aviation was ignited from an early age by his father (who was an aeronautical engineer) and the family's proximity to both Manchester and Woodford airports. However despite these early influences on his life, his interest was dormant for a number of years until in 2009, he read an article about learning to fly in Pilot magazine. His wife purchased a trial lesson as a birthday gift and after trawling through copious customer reviews on forums, Simon decided to contact Liverpool Flying School to set the wheels in motion.

Following his trial lesson with the Flying School, Simon couldn't sign himself up fast enough for a Private Pilot's License (PPL) training course, which he successfully completed in 12 months. He subsequently extended this qualification to include a night rating and then achieved his IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) rating to allow flying in poor weather and reduced visibility in UK airspace.

Simon has total respect for the team at Liverpool Flying School, both on a professional and personal level.

He comments:

The quality of instruction provided is second to none. I particularly like the fact that you always get the same instructor so there's total continuity throughout your training, which I think is really important. This also means that you form a real bond with your instructor. I still go out flying regularly with Phil, the Flying School's chief flying instructor, basically because I have such a great time.

Simon is now considering Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) training, with the goal of one day becoming a flight instructor with Liverpool Flying School and helping others realise the dream of becoming a pilot!! Watch this space ...

Simon Rayner

"A diverse and well balanced organisation"Sarah Philpott

Sarah Philpott

Sarah was raised on the smell of jet fuel. Her dad's love of aviation was infectious and she had her first flight in a light aircraft when she was just 5 years old. Her next opportunity came when she was offered a trial lesson at Liverpool Flying School at the age of 20.

Sarah obtained her PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) following an 8 week accelerated learning program in the USA in 2000. Following her return to the UK she was looking to join a club to exploit her flying qualifications. Liverpool Flying School was the obvious choice as her dad had been one of its original members when it was first set up by Jim Keen.

Sarah comments:

Liverpool Flying School has a great range of well maintained aircraft, complemented by a friendly and professional team. A vast breadth of life experience makes for a diverse and well balanced organisation.

So what's in store for the future? Sarah is currently an engineer but she harbours a (not so secret) desire to fly for a living. In the meantime she aims to gain additional qualifications and build on her flying hours with the help of the team at the Flying School.

"The friendly nature of both the instructors and other pilots"Duncan Falconer

Duncan Falconer

Duncan's fascination with all things aviation started as a small child when his Grandfather took him to watch planes at Birmingham Airport.

He had his first trial lesson at Liverpool Flying School about 10 years ago and then returned 5 years later with the aim of obtaining his Private Pilot's Licence (PPL). He achieved this ambition in 12 months and has since committing to adding a commercial licence to his arsenal of flying qualifications. Duncan is the first to admit that he's totally addicted.

He comments:

Liverpool Flying School's main asset is the breadth of expertise of its instructors. I think that this quality, combined with the real club atmosphere that exists and the friendly nature of both the instructors and other pilots, makes Liverpool Flying School really stand out from the crowd.

The other main advantage is that all of their aircraft are maintained in-house by their other company, Keenair, so that delivers total confidence and peace of mind.

Duncan initially flew in the flying school's Piper Tomahawk but upgraded to a more advanced aircraft, the Piper Arrow, more recently. One of the flying school's other pilots, Graham Quail, happened to upgrade at the same time and the two pilots have since become a team, flying together in the Arrow on numerous expeditions throughout the UK and even over to France.

Duncan Falconer

"The pilot's safety is regarded as paramount"Gerry Casey

Gerry Casey

Gerry's early flying career was intermittent due to the closure of three consecutive flying schools that he was a member of in the 1990s. Security and reliability were at the top of his list of requirements when searching for a new school to join. Liverpool Flying School's history and heritage was enough to convince Gerry that the company was built on firm foundations.

Gerry joined Liverpool Flying School in June 2002. He had already gained his PPL and IMC qualifications and joined the school purely to maximise the enjoyment of his hobby. Work commitments limit Gerry's flying to every 6 to 8 weeks but he has plenty of positive things to say about his experience to date...

Working in the chemical industry, I'm aware of the importance of safety and I'd say that at Liverpool Flying School, the pilot's safety is regarded as paramount. Also, all of the staff there are very experienced flying personnel so if you need any advice when planning your flying sessions, you can guarantee that you can speak to someone knowledgeable.

Gerry Casey